[sdiy] To SMT orNot to SMT.. that is my question

Olivier Gillet ol.gillet at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 09:18:57 CET 2013

> Honestly, if you're going to sell kits with SMT, I think you'd be better off
> just getting the pick-and-place done professionally.  It doesn't cost that
> much in bulk, and if you are willing not to be too greedy, it wouldn't even
> make the kit that much more expensive.  Plus, at the end of the day, it
> would necessitate much less work on your part than trying to package all
> those tiny little SMD parts in a way suitable for a newbie to build a kit.
> So, the kit building would just involve installation of any through-hole
> parts, module assembly, and any panel wiring.
> My two cents.

That's exactly what I did; but in the end it did not cater to the same
population. Some people love the experience of building things by
themselves. You're not giving them that if you give them a board with
pre-stuffed SMT parts.

That's one advantage of a SMT design - if you're not getting any luck
with it as a DIY project, it can have a second life as a pre-assembled
product :)


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