[sdiy] To SMT orNot to SMT.. that is my question

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Fri Dec 20 08:21:08 CET 2013

ultimately if you are making a cool project,people Will build it!

I think eventually most people will work in SMT at home, especially those who are new to electronics and dont have supplies of old parts.

Why? because thru hole is disappearing. I dont mean surplus. but in 2013 I watched scores of transistors and capacitors disappear, only to be found in smt land. i think the incentive is gone to keep making them.

> According to my impeccable sources, doing SMD by hand is easier than
> through-hole.

this all depends on what tools , what eyes and how steady your hands are.( and of coursE
WHICH smt form factor. some sizes are easy-others impossible. i still sort of suck at SMT by hand  and i never look forward to doing it. maybe if i had a heat gun, a microscope, and a good 
magnifier i could enjoy it ( I guess i should put some GOOD smt tools on my xmas list)

i can solder a prototype very quickly ( and very sloppy) in thru-hole
SMT requires far more "dedication" 
you cant watch movies ;)

and another issue- even though all my modules are smt, I HATE having to repair smt 
boards. why? I dont have the right tools. ( hot air gun, etc) and ive ripped pads up before trying to desolder. on super small parts, i feel like testing by eye and a scope probe is much harder.

> On Dec 20, 2013, at 12:41 AM, "David G Dixon" <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> wrote:
> A lot of DIYers (and professional module makers) do SMD by hand.  Indeed,
> SMD prototype boards must be built by hand before they are mass-produced.
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>> OK, I just spent the last year working on a analog sound card.
>> It was at the point of needing a revision.. so I did it.. in SMT.
>> Now I am wondering if this was a mistake..(and big waste of my Holiday
>> vacation)
>> Can your average DIYer build and SMT board?
>> The smallest part is a SOT23, resistors and caps are 1206, 
>> the ICs are all SOIC.. no fine pitch.
>> I don't see any DIY kits out there in SMT.. they are all still TH.
>> The size is nice, a 35% reduction  and SMT parts are more 
>> prevalent..stuffing houses love SMT...but I am about to rip 
>> up the whole layout and go back to TH.
>> Opinions?
>> Mike
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