[sdiy] I have come to accept, this is where it ends... sale.

Benjamin Riggs benalog1977 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 18:09:34 CET 2013

Hi All,

I have not posted to this list for many years, though I have been lurking here for the hole time.

My enthusiasm for electronic music and the generosity and wisdom from this list taught me so much that I now have a concrete career in electronics… except, that when the career came, after my days work I lost motivation to continue with my electronic projects at home.

Now, my expertise is in demand, I travel, I’ve moved country, I live from a suitcase for 8 months of the year. When I’m at home, I appreciate the simple immediacy moog gives to the interface of making sound, i don’t have time nor motivation for the breadboard *cough* soldering iron anymore.

From today, all the stuff i’ve accumulated over the years, now it is time for it to go. It all was in storage in the garage at my parents house… but they are now moving on to a more suitable residence.

Now my rant is over, I’ve got a bunch of Ics (throughole, unused) to dispose of. i haven’t counted, so i’ll keep it as few, some, a bunch…
TL074(few), TL084(few), LF374(some), LM358(bunch) ,LF353(bunch) , LF412(bunch), LM833(bunch)
Norton amps
BC548(bunch), BC550(bunch), BC558(bunch), BC560(bunch)… there is some 3904, 3906 and some 2sa/2sc parts in there also.
CA3080E(bunch), LM3080N(some), LM13600AN(6), SSM2164 (5), 
Transistor arrays
CA3046(bunch), LM3046(some), CA3096(bunch)
transistor pairs
LM394CN(bunch), 2SC1583(some), 2SA798(some)… i’ve got some in storage elsewhere, a *bunch* of 2SC1583, 2SA798, some LM394CH and a few other exotic but less sought after pairs.

and a bunch of less interesting stuff.

I’d prefer to get rid of it all in one hit, Australian postal adresses preferred, please contact me off list if you are interested.


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