[sdiy] Microchip website unavailable

Andre Majorel aym-htnys at teaser.fr
Sun Dec 8 09:36:19 CET 2013

On 2013-12-08 01:38 +0100, Ove Ridé wrote:
> On 7 December 2013 23:51, ASSI <Stromeko at nexgo.de> wrote:
> > Guess what, they already do that since years (through
> > Akamai), just like any other corporation of their size.
> > Since it would be close to impossible to DDOS Akamai, the
> > more likely culprit is the private source server(s) or their
> > connection the content delivery network.
> [citation needed]
> microchip.com resolves to a single IP address without round robin.
> This IP address is registered as owned by Microchip, ie they likely
> host their own servers.

What tool do you use to know who owns an IP address ?

> From Google's cache, it seems like all static resources are
> hosted on the same domain. I see no indication that they are
> using Akamai or a similar CDN service. Maybe they should be
> doing that, but they currently don't. If you think they do,
> please provide some evidence.

$ host www.microchip.com
www.microchip.com                                      CNAME cnwww.microchip.com.edgekey.net
cnwww.microchip.com.edgekey.net                        CNAME cnwww.microchip.com.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net
cnwww.microchip.com.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net CNAME e1721.a.akamaiedge.net
e1721.a.akamaiedge.net                                 A

So it does look like they use Akamai. Achim's ego is safe for
now. ;-)

André Majorel http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/

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