[sdiy] connectors on korg (ms10 ms20) pcb

Andre Majorel aym-htnys at teaser.fr
Thu Dec 5 14:18:49 CET 2013

On 2013-12-05 12:54 +0100, Antonio Tuzzi wrote:

> http://pics.studiorepair.de/Korg/MS-20/slides/Korg_MS-20_Inside_Right.jpg

Made by JST. Closest match in their current offer seems to be NH


But careful, NH connectors have a pitch of 2.50 mm and I don't
think there were many metric pitch connectors in the seventies.
The difference with 0.1" = 2.54 mm is small but it might matter.

Digi-key have a bunch of JST NH parts but only the female
contacts and 3-position housings are kept in stock.

The original headers appear to be compatible with 0.1" AMP MTA
or Molex Mini-KK housings. The keying is different so they won't
lock but they can be made to mate.

Let us know what you find.

André Majorel http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/

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