[sdiy] TB-303 servicing questions

cheater00 . cheater00 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 10:10:12 CET 2013

Returning to our regular programming schedule:

Robin, I assume you've had an open TT-303 in your hands. Have you any
insights on whether making a clone TB-303 button plate and making a
hoe in the TT-303 case could work well?

On a side note:

I'm surprised no one has bothered to make a nicer, purpose-buit case
for those TB-303s with lots of mods, like your Devi Fish, but also the
b0rg, etc. I for one thing find the front panels of many modded
synths, with switches and knobs scattered here and there, really
confusing and pretty much impossible to use.

The most intuitive place to put extra knobs would be *above* the ones
already there. However, that's also where the back panel of the 303
is. So you would have to construct a case where the extra control
panel hangs over the back panel.

Judging by the PCBs, one could make a case where the base isn't as
deep as the top. So the top has more space for the knobs, while the
base still has the right dimensions so that you can have more knobs
above the usual TB-303 ones.

Another option, of course, is to keep things square and use pin
headers to move the existing connectors to the very back. That brings
its own set of issues. However, it could also mean you get to have a
nicer, more organized patch panel, with more modular options. One of
my favourites would be to have the final voltages for VCA, VCO FM, and
VCF FM present. I've tried using the normal outputs on my 303 to drive
the reissued Moog Taurus and it was just unsatisfying - the CV magic
happening inside the 303 is really a huge part of the sound. Robin has
told me some time ago the VCO FM could be difficult, but I'm hoping
measuring current through a small resistor might be good enough. If
you've ever seen a mod like this, let me know.


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