[sdiy] The Owl: ARM fx pedal

Martin Klang mars at pingdynasty.com
Wed Apr 24 19:16:37 CEST 2013

Thanks Leonardo!

the ToneCore looks like good hardware, I've not used it but it does seem to require very specialised skills to program.
We want to ensure our toolchain is open source and cross platform, and that patches can be written in plain C/C++.

For the exact feature set of the finished product, it will depend a lot on how much money we can raise. So we are loath to promise too much!
But rest assured that your requests have been heard. Moreover, 'hackability' is already very high on our agenda.



On 24 Apr 2013, at 16:29, Leonardo Laguna Ruiz wrote:

> Looks great! I will get one when it's available.
> I have a Line 6 ToneCore development kit but it is pretty much useless in my case, since I can only develop in Windows 7 32 bits, which I only have in my netbook.
> The things that I would like to have are:
> - Possibility to expand the controls. e.g. a port where I can send/receive data using I2c, SPI or MIDI. That way I can add more knobs, LCD or a MIDI keyboard if I need it.
> - Possibility of programming and uploading firmware in Linux.
> I will definitely back you kick starter.
> Leonardo
> On 04/24/2013 04:50 PM, Martin Klang wrote:
>> hi hackers!
>> I'm involved with a project to build an Open Source, reprogrammable fx pedal based on the ARM Cortex M4 chipset.
>> The processor we have in mind is the STM32F405, which some of you on the list are very familiar with already:
>> a 32bit powerhouse with built in DSP and floating point processing units.
>> We're planning to launch it on kickstarter, but we'd like to get some feedback from interested parties first.
>> We've got a preliminary spec sheet online, have a look and pls email me (or the list, if you think it is of general interest) with any thoughts, questions or ideas!
>> http://hoxtonowl.com/specification/
>> best,
>> Martin Klang
>> Rebel Technology
>> London UK
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