[sdiy] prophet 2000 disk image anyone?

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Thu Apr 18 22:31:59 CEST 2013

On 4/18/2013 2:46 AM, Steve Lenham wrote:
> On 18/04/2013 03:22, Bob Weigel wrote:
>> I'm trying to test a disk drive before I send it to make sure it really
>> works in a P2000. I have one here that had a bad disk I think.  I got
>> some kind of floppy I thought that had a disk image on it for it.  It
>> says 'nd both with original and with the Teac drive I bought for it AND
>> the one I know is good I took out of DSS-1 I upgraded.
>> The jumpers are set different though.  Has anyone been down either the
>> road of setting jumpers for that machine or does anyone have a disk
>> image file they can send for P2000?
> Hi Bob,
> The P2000 is hard-wired to use the Drive Select 0 signal (DS0 - pin 10 
> on the ribbon) to enable the floppy drive, but many drives come 
> preconfigured to use Drive Select 1 (DS1 - pin 12). You need to check 
> and, if necessary, swap over the select line - it might be a movable 
> jumper or a solder link.
> Certainly all the drives in the common Teac FD235 series appear to use 
> DS1 as the factory default. I suspect this may have got a lot of 
> drives written off as incompatible with the P2000! I successfully used 
> an FD235HF-A291 mechanism in a P2000 once the solder jumper had been 
> reconfigured.
> Hope this helps!
> Steve L.
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The DSS-1 apparently was also ds0 set already as was the other I had 
gotten somewhere.  One which I see wasn't an a529 version ..   but 
anyway that one (the korg) had settings for RY34 (READY output on pin 
34), HA (density set automatically), REN (enable auto-recalibration) and 
IR (LED on:drive select * ready)

The other drive I think added HD2 (HD output on pin 2).  Other jumpers 
that are available but not used on either include Disable auto-chucking 
(typo?),  disk change output on pin34, disk change output on pin 2,  
Density set by HD IN on pin 2 and FG a short between FDD Frame and DC 0V...

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