[sdiy] Synth supply cables AWG ???

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Thu Oct 25 17:15:38 CEST 2012

This is debatable but I use 20 GA. Euro typically uses ribbon cable which
is 26 or 28 GA.

Having a star system is really the key to avoiding crosstalk between
modules. The actual voltage drop with modules is pretty low as most use
minimal current. Good designs with onboard references for critical
voltages should handle small supply variations with ease.

Sounds like your system is pretty robust so far!

> Does anybody know a 'good' and safe AWG gauge wire
> to use for the small harnesses that link each module
> separately to their common power bus (+/-15v, +5v)
> in a synth system ?
> I made very low impedance busses with 4ounces double sided copper pcb's
> traces
> going all along all of my synth's 22 modules on each of my 4 module
> rows
> and these PCB's are linked with 10AWG wires to my supply output ports.
> I'm now about to assemble all the small harnesses (2 x MAT156 + 6
> wires)
> that will link each module to these busses and
> want to make sure of the AWG gauge to use..
> 20AWG ?  22AWG ? 24AWG ?
> Thanks
> JP
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