[sdiy] Hammond VS300 - uses for top note generators in place of top octave generators?

aankrom aankrom at bluemarble.net
Tue Oct 23 21:25:22 CEST 2012

I found a  Hammond VS300 free on the side of a street the other day, so
I brought it home.

It's not a fantastic organ, but it's not horrible either. I don't have
the space for a big heavy organ other than my M100, so I thought I'd 
the circuit boards for some projects.

I looked at some of the PAiA projects that used top octave generators,
like Strings-n-Things the Chord EGG and the Bionic Trumpet and it has
dawned on me that circuits using top octave generators don't really
translate well for the 12 "top-note generators" and dividers that the
VS300 uses. I thought about making a small, compact single-manual organ
with some synth effects added. This organ is very simple and its sounds
reflect that, but still, it doesn't sound horrible either.

The manuals are very well built. The lower single contact manual would
be a great start for a monosynth controller.

I thought I'd make a stand-alone box for the rhythm unit too, even
though it's very cheesy. It certainly doesn't sound as good as the unit
I got from a Kimball 700, which turns out to be almost identical to the
Rhythm Ace FR-2L.

Anyone ever make use of these "top-note generators"? The organ is laid
out great for experimenting. I can almost completely disassemble it,
leaving the enclosure, pedal and speaker behind. The board that all of
the circuit boards and manuals are mounted to can be put on my
workbench, with the swell and reverb dangling...


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