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Tue Oct 23 04:36:37 CEST 2012

On 23 October 2012 00:10, Bob Weigel <sounddoctorin at imt.net> wrote:
> KP1012( backward N )K3 for example (don't have a cyrilic character set
> handy...) hehe.  Or the same ending in n1 instead of K3.   There are tons of
> these under the keyboard.  I see some signals coming in probably but the
> whole thing...1) I can't find a ground reference on any of the boards!   2)
> from the diagram I found, on this site
> http://www.155la3.ru/dsheets.htm
> the image shows a chain of TT's or..flip flops I assume and then..HS's
> coming from the Q' out....I assume... those are some logic gate maybe.  They
> used square boxes to symbolize them though..  I don't know.  I can't read
> the descriptions.  Does anyone read that language here?  Any help
> appreciated..particularly

Hint: You can actually select text in this document and paste it into
Google Translate.

The first column are  T flip-flops, which toggles on an edge,
presumably the positive one. The divisions are then output on pins
1-7. That's the easy part. 9-14 is translated as "signal outputs
transformed by Walsh functions". The HS element is probably a SR
(set/reset) flip-flop.

Pin 15 is the input to the divider.

> 1) What is pin 16?  Appears to be 10K front loaded from the 15V source on
> the K3 suffix'd chips.  On the others (most of them) with the n1 suffix they
> go to individual wires

16 = "power supply". Though, are you sure you haven't got the
orientation of the chip wrong somehow?

> 2) pin 8 is common to 5V source on K3 suffix's chips. There is 10K resistor
> between the common connection of the n1 suffix'd chips and 5V.   I'm only
> seeing 15V, 5v and ground coming from the power supply.

8 = "general" (with suggestions for common and ground)

> Only 15V and 5V and 59 other wires attach to each board.  There are 4 total
> boards.  Some of the wires are parallel but most appear to not be.  Haven't
> traced them all out to figure out the pattern yet..anyway 12 of the n1
> suffix chips and 6 of the K3 suffix chips per board!  ie. total of 72 down
> there.  Any insights appreciated.

Start by checking continuity between corresponding corner pins (1, 8,
9, 14) as I'm again suspecting that you've got the orientation of the
chip wrong. If a corner pair (what looks like either 1/9 or 8/14) is
connected between all the chips, that's likely the ground/power supply


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