[sdiy] Clavinet C Preamp Problem(more)

Nicholas Vining mordred at icculus.org
Fri Oct 12 06:20:55 CEST 2012

Better question: why have you not dropped in a new preamp from 
clavinet.com? I'm practical-minded. :) They're good and they're cheap, 
although you will have to supply your own transformer.


On 10/11/2012 6:40 PM, Paul Perry wrote:
> And, note what happens when the power is reversed:
> the 25uF cap connected to the T2 emitter charges via leakage through T2.
> When the power is put the right way around, this cap provides foward 
> bias to T2, which then amplifies.. until the cap discharges through 
> the T2 emitter resistor.
> Maybe I am right - maybe I am not - but the thing to remember is this: 
> every circuit always works exactly as the laws of physics say it 
> should. It may be that the circuit you are working on, isn't the 
> circuit you think (or wish) it is, though!
> That's advice from the late Bob Pease, and it's helped me a lot.
> Think about it this way: before you can restore your gear to the 
> circuit it WAS, you have to determine what it is NOW.
> paul perry melbourne australia
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