[sdiy] How to 'fix' goodbuy7888 (probably aka hongkongsuperseller)...

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Wed Oct 3 20:34:09 CEST 2012

Silly me.  I forgot the 'goodbuy' handle.... and ordered from these 
idiots back in late March. I had no chance to test the chips til I sent 
some out to a customer who finds out they're crap.  I tested some 
here..they're crap.  Not sure what they remarked. THey have phillips 
logos on them and I don't think phillips ever MADE a TDA1008 divider did 

Anyway..here's how to fix these people.  If we have multiple witnesses 
that someone sloffs remarks on us and the people IGNORE us instead of 
making it right...how about this?  We declare 'open season' on them.. 
lol.  Anyone set up to label chips... just say buy their stock of 
SSM2044's which are probably good maybe.  Test them.  If ok... tell them 
'you sold bad chips' (which they did in the prior one they don't want to 
make right) and ship them remarks of the labels they sent.  lol.

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