[sdiy] Is this a three pin cap or ceramic resonator?

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Thu May 31 06:49:09 CEST 2012

Bob, I have seen RF chokes that looked like that.
Two coils with a cap to ground.
If intact, it would measure like you say.
Maybe it was added at some stage to iron out some digital hash.

paul perry Melbourne Australia

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From: "Bob Weigel" Subject: [sdiy] Is this a three pin cap or ceramic 

> Strangely I've never dealt with this particular type of device before.
> Someone drove a screw through the circuit board on a Yamaha CVP20
> clavinova which..I dunno It's just a late 80's digital junk piece but
> they did such a cool looking case on it and it feels good so I decided
> to wire the freaking board back together... 6 hours later or
> whatever...I'm down to the region right where the screw went through.
> They slightly cracked a device right there.  It's near a crystal that
> has the standard two 22pf capacitors of the day.  So it's not part of
> *that* circuit anyway.  There's a quad pack under the board nearby too..
> anyway I haven't even traced yet but I'm wondering if anyone can just
> tell me....from my description what this is.
> 1) It is a ceramic package with larger dimensions near where the wires
> go in basically.  It says 101 on it as though to indicate 100pf
> 2) It measures shorted on the outer pins and 100pf to the center pin.
> Now they smelled something when it happened I think so I'm not sure that
> it didn't internally short then. It has a crack though that is from
> stress obviously as that pin was part of what was being displaced when
> the screw went in.  I see no signs of fire coming out of it per set :-)
> THE PROBLEM WITH THE SERVICE MANUAL...is they don't even SHOW this
> device as existing either on the visual OR in the schematic that I can
> see!  All the resistors are there but this thing is strangely *absent*
> in the sm yamaha has on the servicer's site.
> Any help from anyone who is very familiar with this type of device
> appreciated.  Looking it seems ceramic resonators usually have different
> markings...
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