[sdiy] Is this a three pin cap or ceramic resonator?

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Thu May 31 05:51:14 CEST 2012

Strangely I've never dealt with this particular type of device before.  
Someone drove a screw through the circuit board on a Yamaha CVP20 
clavinova which..I dunno It's just a late 80's digital junk piece but 
they did such a cool looking case on it and it feels good so I decided 
to wire the freaking board back together... 6 hours later or 
whatever...I'm down to the region right where the screw went through.  
They slightly cracked a device right there.  It's near a crystal that 
has the standard two 22pf capacitors of the day.  So it's not part of 
*that* circuit anyway.  There's a quad pack under the board nearby too.. 
anyway I haven't even traced yet but I'm wondering if anyone can just 
tell me....from my description what this is.

1) It is a ceramic package with larger dimensions near where the wires 
go in basically.  It says 101 on it as though to indicate 100pf
2) It measures shorted on the outer pins and 100pf to the center pin.

Now they smelled something when it happened I think so I'm not sure that 
it didn't internally short then. It has a crack though that is from 
stress obviously as that pin was part of what was being displaced when 
the screw went in.  I see no signs of fire coming out of it per set :-)

device as existing either on the visual OR in the schematic that I can 
see!  All the resistors are there but this thing is strangely *absent* 
in the sm yamaha has on the servicer's site.

Any help from anyone who is very familiar with this type of device 
appreciated.  Looking it seems ceramic resonators usually have different 

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