[sdiy] My 12 x Moog 921B VCO clones finaly built...

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Wed May 30 18:37:29 CEST 2012

Can you share more about your metal work?  I would like to know the  
model of your punch and if you are bending the metal yourself.  If so,  
what type of metal bender are you using?  and finally, is a nice  
person setting with you putting a puzzle together to keep you company?

Thanks and very nice looking work

On May 25, 2012, at 11:58 AM, Jean-Pierre Desrochers wrote:

> Hi list,
> I've just finished my fifth dotcom type module..
> It's a Moog 921B VCO clone made of
> a modified version of the famous  MOTM300 UltraVCO.
> This VCO is so stable.. it was the one I picked up as a choice
> for my 12 VCO modules.
> All the frontend circuitry has been modified to 'merge'
> easily with the front panel pot, rotary switch & jacks.
> For copyright reason some of the project files & schematics
> are not shown.
> I've built 12 of this module for a future 6 voices guitar interface  
> project.
> All the available files and specs are located here:
> http://www.arcenson.com/projects/Modular/M103B_UltraVCO/
> Feel free to ask any questions.
> This project took me around 2 years to finalize.
> Thanks for watching.
> J-Pierre
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