[sdiy] My 12 x Moog 921B VCO clones finaly built...

Lanterman, Aaron lanterma at ece.gatech.edu
Tue May 29 09:10:50 CEST 2012

On May 26, 2012, at 4:10 PM, Ian Fritz wrote:

> At 01:55 PM 5/26/2012, Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
>> Pff, VCOs.  DCOs are much better.  I bet you can't even do arbitrary waveforms, never mind exhibit repeatable tuning characteristics to >10ppm ;-)
> The Double Deka has a user drawn waveform, and is stable to better than 50 ppm/K.

I remember feeling great joy in the electronic music class I took at Wash U, oh, 20 years ago or whenever it was, when I figured out the ARP 2500 sequencer could be clocked at audio rates. 

Of course, I highly doubt it was stable to 50 ppm/K though. ;)

- Aaron

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