[sdiy] What would be THE best, most versatile VCF available on DIY community ?

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Mon May 28 18:54:04 CEST 2012

For versatility, I'd go with a Oberheim Xpander type filter. E.g. a basic four-pole filter with selectable weighted outputs to provide a variety of responses. The underlying  filter could be whatever you like - Moog ladder, SSM2164, OTA, etc.
Multiple daughter boards isn't a versatile filter - it's lots of different filters.


On 28 May 2012, at 17:08, Jean-Pierre Desrochers wrote:

> I know this is a question of personnal tastes
> but some winner designs are all around so...
> What would be THE best, most versatile VCF
> available on DIY community ?
> I'm talking about lo-pass, band-pass, hi-pass selectable
> VCF with also 12db or 24db/oct selectable choice..
> I'm starting to grab some ideas about a very good VCF.
> The format doesn't matter since I'll finally retrofit it
> to dotcom format.
> So far the design that would please me would
> be made of a motherboard designed from the lo-pass
> Moog transistors ladder idea but ready (with pins or connectors) 
> to be emptied and 'accept' ARP type VCF daughter boards on top of it
> with the needed 'frontend' driver/summers ICs  space
> to completely change its design from a VCF module to another one.
> Multiple VCF types with one motherboard and many VCF daughterboards
> like the ARP 4012, 4035, 4072, 4075..(or other companies small PCB designs)
> Here, I'd still have no band-pass, hi-pass type but
> as I said I'm just starting of thinking of the possibilities..
> Thanks.
> J-Pierre
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