[sdiy] My 12 x Moog 921B VCO clones finaly built...

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Sounds interesting...

are you aware that some Guitorgan models had the frets cut at a 45 degree angle relative
to the strings, so you could bend across the cut smoothly ?

I've considered this (played with some crude prototypes I made). For those who might be new to the
wired frets idea... the trouble is when you fret a string you make contact with two frets, the one nearer the
bridge and the one nearer the nut. Play a Barre chord and you short multiple frets. 

There have been maybe twenty patents of ways to try and get around the problem. I tried embedding a plate in the middle of the fretboard (well, six plates) for each fret. The idea was you would simultaneously fret the string and
contact the plate. You needed hands of (the man of) STEEL to do so :^)

I also considered using non-conductive strings and superimposing a HF AC waveform on them and capacitively coupling
to said plates. T think Gore makes strings covered in a polymer... but alas they are only the WOUND strings :^(

I'll be listening to see how you fare with your project. Good luck!

H^) harry

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Well it is at the very start so far but I have some ideas:

Solid guitar body (with rear hollowed fopr mechanic & electronics)
with original neck installed with 6 x .014 gauge strings not tuned
but bent enough to stop on a bridge on body then curve inside
and stretched with use of small ending springs.

One string description:

String notes reading:
Each neck frets will be cut out to 6 parts
and the metal contact between the fret section and the string will
be read as a note played. A design allready used in the 70's Guitorgan controller.

Reading String picking and bendings:
Each of the string spring's end is glueded to the body and stuck to a piezo element
to read string picking strokes while the other spring end stretches with string bending on the neck
fingerboard. The shaft of a small slide potentiometer is attached
on the spring moving side reading the bending.

All the analog readings to a PIC and MIDI'ed output.
These are some starting ideas for this project.

 On Fri 25/05/12 14:47 , Harry Bissell harrybissell at wowway.com sent:
> and can you tell us of the guitar interface project ???   :^)
> H^) harry
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> Subject: [sdiy] My 12 x Moog 921B VCO clones finaly built...
> Hi list,
> I've just finished my fifth dotcom type module..
> It's a Moog 921B VCO clone made of
> a modified version of the famous  MOTM300 UltraVCO.
> This VCO is so stable.. it was the one I picked up as a choice
> for my 12 VCO modules.
> All the frontend circuitry has been modified to 'merge'
> easily with the front panel pot, rotary switch & jacks.
> For copyright reason some of the project files & schematics
> are not shown. 
> I've built 12 of this module for a future 6 voices guitar interface
> project.All the available files and specs are located here:
> http://www.arcenson.com/projects/Modular/M103B_UltraVCO/
> Feel free to ask any questions.
> This project took me around 2 years to finalize.
> Thanks for watching.
> J-Pierre
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