[sdiy] MIDI & DIN Sync in the same connector?

Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Tue May 22 21:41:45 CEST 2012

MIDI and DIN sync (in its simplest form, with just clock and
start/stop signal) use different pins in the same connector. The
possibility of supporting both MIDI and DIN sync in the same
connectors have crossed my mind often during the years, but I can't
remember seeing any products using it - apart from Dutch
Engineers at work, who seem to have combined MIDI and DIN sync connectors
on a couple of their products:

Their 1-to-4 "Midi Thru Box" can also be used as a DIN sync thru box
(presumably just passively connected),
and their "Midi to Sync converter" seems to send DIN sync signals and
MIDI timing signals simultaneously on the same connector (presumably
driven by the same clock pulses, since MIDI timing messages are just
positive pulses with the same frequency as DIN sync, IIRC).

Are any other products using combined connectors in similar ways?

I don't see any electrical reason why DIN sync OUT wouldn't be
suitable to incorporate in every MIDI OUT and MIDI THRU connector
(provided that the correct DIN sync signals are generated internally
of course). Are there any reasons not to do it?

Combining MIDI IN and DIN sync IN is a bit trickier, especially since
MIDI needs to be galvanically disconnected and since there might be
exotic "tap", "fill in" or "reset and start" DIN sync data on the
incoming MIDI pins, but it should be quite possible as well. :-)


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