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Hi Paul!

The D3 ist just broken? So you have all parts?
then it would be possible to glue it with a good two component glue like the UHU endfest 300
I did the same with a key on my Yamaha AN1x and it nearly can't be seen and is rock solid.

Otherwise the keys should be the same as on the MS10 and MS20 but maybe also hard to get these days...



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Thank you all , it is the D3, broken at the joint where the key thins
between the black notes.

There are some missing knobs , but it does a fine rendition of Sakamoto's
1000 Knives, which he credits on the album.

Many thanks



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On 5/20/2012 1:09 AM, Paul Burns wrote:
> Good Morning,
> I have a very distressed VC-10 which works, thankfully, but is in
> desperate need of some TLC.
> The case is RUSTY(!) , blotches all over,  the previous owner
> deliberately removed the goose neck mic , (so he could balance more
> equipment on top), one side is missing , and it has one broken key.
> My thoughts were to get some wooden sides made for it , but what about
> the key?
> Any source info or thoughts on how to bring it back to its former
> glory would be very much appreciated.
> Regards
> Paul Burns.
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THey're the old korg keys on that one of course.  I should have it. If it's
the high C we try to fix the hinge breaks since they're so rare which always
works well.

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