[sdiy] (OT)DSPIC compiler for MPLABX-IDE on MAC OSX?

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Tue May 1 19:31:27 CEST 2012

On 1 May 2012, at 17:54, Jason Tribbeck wrote:

> On 1 May 2012 17:29, Tom Wiltshire <tom at electricdruid.net> wrote:
> I had a try, but struggled enough to use MPLAB-X on a computer with only one mouse button. In theory, it should be simple enough to set up a key combination for right-click or whatever, but in practice I kept finding it conflicted and left me with something else I couldn't do, got frustrated, and gave up. One problem I had was with MPLAB-X complaining about invalid characters in filepaths - a typical problem when moving between systems. Having failed to even get basics like this working, I never got as far as installing any C compilers.
> That surprises me - I've not really had any problems (although debugging's a bit hit-and-miss sometimes). I've also had no real problems with the Microchip Libraries (USB/MDD/TCPIP is what I've been using).
> I've not done anything with the installs other than the defaults - did you do anything?
> I really like the editor - although the tooltips are a bit too 'sticky' for my liking.

I'm quite glad to hear someone else managed to make it work. That makes it more likely that I was just being a bit unlucky.

I didn't do anything beyond a straight install of MPLAB-X in order to experiment. I've never used the Microchip Libraries, but if I needed USB code, I think I'd go and look - I don't feel the need to reinvent that particular wheel.

I agree that the editor is quite nice, but I found the whole shift to the new system a bit of a pain and not adequately explained. The new software seems to work in a very different way to the old, and I don't use about 3/4s of what's in the old software, so finding my way in the new one was an unpleasant process. But learning new tools is always a drag, so I don't hold Microchip responsible for that.


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