[sdiy] (OT)DSPIC compiler for MPLABX-IDE on MAC OSX?

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Tue May 1 18:29:54 CEST 2012

I had a try, but struggled enough to use MPLAB-X on a computer with only one mouse button. In theory, it should be simple enough to set up a key combination for right-click or whatever, but in practice I kept finding it conflicted and left me with something else I couldn't do, got frustrated, and gave up. One problem I had was with MPLAB-X complaining about invalid characters in filepaths - a typical problem when moving between systems. Having failed to even get basics like this working, I never got as far as installing any C compilers.

It'd be kind of nice to be able to do a bit of code development on my laptop, but I'll wait until MPLAB-X gets the wrinkles smoothed out. The latest/last versions of MPLAB on PC will do me fine until then.

Sorry not to be more help.


On 1 May 2012, at 14:57, dan snazelle wrote:

> I got MP-LAB installed but I cant for the life of my find the compiler for DSPIC that runs on OSX.
> anyone else here using Pics/DSPICS with MAC?
> thanks
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