[sdiy] There is no fun analogue chips anymore!

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No, we have a 3-5 year warranties on some products.  If those caps go we'd go back to the vendors and they'd feel the pain....

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> Oddly enough, these are all surface-mount capacitors, but I've had 
> disc ceramics perform similar stunts before.  Now, someone mentioned 
> to me recently that they had a crystal filter fail because of a DC 
> bias across it causing the silver plating to migrate across the 
> crystal and short sections out
> - could the same happen inside disc ceramics?

It's obvious that most electronics today are built around planned obsolescence, with the cycle sometimes as short as two years (like cell phones).  Could it be that this thinking has also invaded the manufacture of the SMD parts themselves?  After all, it all gets thrown away at the same time, so why put a component designed to last for 20 years into a device that will be binned in two?

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