[sdiy] There is no fun analogue chips anymore!

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Thu Jun 28 21:50:44 CEST 2012

On 28/06/12 20:40, jays at aracnet.com wrote:

> One technique to solder fine pitch chips (0.02) is to put more solder
> than you need down on the pins. This results in numerous solder bridges.
> Then you take a strand of solder wick and place it alone the rows of
> pins. Next take a hot iron and run it across the solder wick soaking up
> the extra solder and removing the bridges. Now if you're really, really
> good at soldering you won't have this problem. But 0.02 pitch pins are
> pretty close together.

Run a wee bead of liquid flux along the pads before you stick it down, 
and you won't get the bridges.

Gordonjcp MM0YEQ

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