[sdiy] Rack mounting Synergy -- best practice for rack mounting mods?

Harry Bissell harrybissell at wowway.com
Tue Jun 26 14:18:03 CEST 2012

I have not done buisiness with the new company... but here is my favorite rackmount enclosure design. I've bought from
SESCOM in the past, this is the same product.

The extrusions have slots that a small pattern 4-40 nut can slice into, making board mounting (or subpanel mounting) easy.

All the panels are flat and easy to punch, drill, etc

You might get engraved panels from (maybe) FPE 

H^) harry

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I know this may seem sacriligous, but I'm quite short on space in my studio/workshop/home-office/mancave. Especially since I've been going overboard on guitar buying/building lately...

I think everything of interest in the DK Synergy will fit a 19" form factor:


The front panel and associated PCBs actually subdivide nicely (i.e. no cutting of PCBs or anything).

First order of business, of course, is replacing and stabilizing the awful wire-wrapped-jammed-in-IC-sockets method of mounting the daugherboards on the CPU board (rightmost board).

The Synergy is quite happy being driven by MIDI; it doesn't complain if the keyboard isn't attached. I'll probably take the keyboard connector and bring it to the front of the unit (along with the cartridge interface, etc., all the stuff that doesn't fit on one of the two wide front panel boards) and maybe make separate case for the keyboard itself, if I ever want it.

Anyway, i was wondering: are there any particular Best Practices for such an adventure? Best way to mount boards in a new box? Limits on spacing between boards due to heat, etc.? (I am going to put a fan in it, whether the original or a new one.) Favorite box manufacturers of new boxes? That sort of thing...

- Aaron
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