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Thanks Mike.  It indeed does that. Its more a matter of your expectation while learning a new tool.
I wanted to place 'pads' for mounting holes... in effect those are not really 'vias'.  So it was
a little tricky to select the trace/via tool, place the via, then end the tool.

Probably KiKad would expect that you would make the mounting hole a component (yeah that's the wrong word, more learning
curve :^)

I'm used to Hiwire which assumes that you either want to place a pad, or a trace. In effect there is no such thing as 'via'
So I was looking for something like that.

So far I'm finding KiKad slow but not ~too~ painful

H^) harry

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Hi Harry,
I'm pretty sure just pressing "v" while you are routing tracks will
place a via and switch to the next layer. Granted, I don't have KiCad
right infront of me, but I'm pretty sure that's the shortcut if that's
what you're looking for.


I On Wed, 2012-06-20 at 07:43 -0400, Harry Bissell wrote:
> I played with it a little bit but decided to learn KiKad instead. I was worried that as a corporate supported software
> it might suddenly disappear or become non~free.Just paranoid I guess. KiKad has a bit of learning curve to it... right now I'm trying to figure out how to place vias at will (not just at the end of a trace)
> H^) harry
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> Hi All,
> Does anyone use the free RS DesignSpark PCB software? Is it any good?
> I remember reading that it was originally called something else, but then RS bought out the company in order to keep up with Farnell, who've cut some deal with Eagle or some such thing.
> Anyway, the important bit is "Is it worth the effort of learning it?"
> Thanks,
> Tom
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