[sdiy] [AH] SH-101 VCA DC offset trimmer?

Altitude altitude at optrand.com
Thu Jun 14 13:47:38 CEST 2012

It's a trimmer and a resistor that connects to pin 2 of the BA662A
(R201)This is the same trick used to adjust the DC offset on the x0xb0x with
the BA6110.  I use a 10M resistor and a 50KB Pot (thanks to B Castro).
Works really well, you can get the "pop" down to nothing


It looks like Roland just went with "offset selected" op amps and never
populated the trimmer

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So for some reason Roland didn't include a VCA offset adjustment trimmer in
the SH-101. There is a location for one on the PCB though - 


When replacing the BA662A VCA it would be nice to have that adjustment.
ever try installing a 100K or so trimmer there? Looks like the proper traces
going to it...


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