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Lies, Damn Lies, and SPICE simulations   :^)


H^) harry

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Simulations, Tim? 


We don't need facts - we want to argue about what we 'know' to be true.



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>> How would it know that it came from 0 V and not 1 V?
>Because the initial step was *two* volts and not one, and it has been
>charging for 15ms, starting from 0V.
>> No, they both follow the same curve from 1 V on - the 
>> exponential curve of the RC time constant in question. :-)
>Here is simulation output of the two curves:
>As noted before, at any given time the gradient of the 1-2 curve (red) is
>always less than (actually half) that of the 0-2 curve (green) - you simply
>cannot 'drop' one on top of the other!!!
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