[sdiy] Opinion poll - Through Hole ~vs~ SMT

James Patchell patchell at cox.net
Thu Jun 7 22:46:24 CEST 2012

Now that I have very limited vision, Vacuum Tubes are more the size of 
things I prefer ;^)

Seriously, if I would need to stuff parts, I would prefer through hole, 
although, I still haven't had the guts to actually attempt any soldering 
in the recent couple of years.

However, I am not opposed to surface mount components.  In fact, most of 
the micro controllers that one would want to use that is the only way 
they come.  In the past for prototyping,, I would get a breakout board 
with the IC already mounted on it from someplace like sparkfun.

So if you are going to do boards with surface mount, have then available 
with the parts already mounted might be good for those of use who are 
SMT challenged in some way.


On 6/7/2012 6:45 AM, Harry Bissell wrote:
> What technology would you like to see new DIY projects in (as in PCBs you would stuff yourself)
> SMT or Through-hole ?
> SMT would be no smaller than 0603 resistors and no fine pitch ICs
> Through Hole is standard DIP and 1/4W resistors...
> Would you prefer pre-stuffed SMT boards ?
> H^) harry
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