[sdiy] leadfree, was:Opinion poll - Through Hole ~vs~ SMT

Ingo Debus igg.debus at t-online.de
Thu Jun 7 20:54:51 CEST 2012

Am 07.06.2012 um 20:04 schrieb colin f:

>> I'm in the USA and still have access to 60/40 solder.  I bet 
>> lead-free would make my life miserable !
> Not at all.
> If you pay a little more, you can get a lead-free solder with a bit of
> silver in it, and it flows nicely enough.

Ha! Finally someone who shares my point of view. I don't think I could tell leaded solder from lead-free (with silver in it) when hand-soldering in a blind test.

BTW in Europe you can still buy leaded solder no problem.


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