[sdiy] Opinion poll - Through Hole ~vs~ SMT

Tim Daugard daugard at cox.net
Thu Jun 7 16:46:55 CEST 2012

I'm a through hole person generally. I have done a few very small SMT 
circuits - all passive or just diodes so far. I have boards preped for a 4 
pin SMT transistor and a 5 pin logic but haven't solder them yet.

However it doesn't matter because I never buy boards, I always build my own. 
The latest project is developing I2C communication with the TI MSP430 
processors. (The trick is low value resistor pull-ups connected directly to 
Vcc.) Now I've got to read the docs to figure the processor current sink 

Tim Daugard

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> What technology would you like to see new DIY projects in (as in PCBs you 
> would stuff yourself)
> SMT or Through-hole ?
> SMT would be no smaller than 0603 resistors and no fine pitch ICs
> Through Hole is standard DIP and 1/4W resistors...
> Would you prefer pre-stuffed SMT boards ?
> H^) harry
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