[sdiy] panel + vertical pcb mount components

Matthias Herrmann-DEU Matthias.Herrmann at jeppesen.com
Tue Jun 5 10:01:14 CEST 2012

> > http://www.schneidersladen.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/snfxdb.jpg
> Looking at that picture arises the question: If you develop such a
> sandwich construction, then all switches sockets potentiometers have to
> have the same mounting hight. Is there any standard for a mounting
> hight
> of components?
> Florian
> --

no standard, actually. and this is one of the main problems when sourcing parts from stock.

I found potentiometers, sockets, and toggle switches that match. I think I found momentaries too, just waiting for the samples to arrive. it took me a lot of time reviewing catalogues and web-sites. now I am looking for slide switches or rotaries (they have to fit in the .8in front panel grit, too).

anyways, I think for eurorack you are looking for the 10mm-12mm range (PCB surface to panel).

just my 2 pence


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