[sdiy] Powerline LC filters etc.

Tom Bugs admin at bugbrand.co.uk
Wed Feb 29 21:07:08 CET 2012

Cheers - I have used AC wallwarts for some projects before, but it is 
hard work to keep stock of different plug/voltage types for worldwide 
Implementing quite standard wall-warts which can operate 100-240V 
worldwide (simple IEC input) would be ideal - one model does all customers.
Thanks, Tom

On 29/02/2012 18:47, KD KD wrote:
>> I'm looking at these areas for two ongoing projects -- first power for
>> standalone processing boxes and then also for investigations into DC-DC
>> converter based power for the modular.
> Tom!
> Late, but!
> One approach you might considder is to go all "AC wallwart". Some major mixing
> desk manufacturers does this as well as Alesis once did , it's an easy solution
> both economically and electronically and far easier to comply to all
> those FCC, etc
> regulations.
> Reg
> KD

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