[sdiy] Powerline LC filters etc.

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Try searching for "power line filter".  One that I found:


shows a basic LC filter on the 3rd page.  You can also just buy these - even
ones built into a chassis mount female receptacle.
They're also called "EMI filters".  Most medical electronic equipment that
is mains powered has them.


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I would like no learn more about using LC filters for power-line noise 
suppression. On this front, therefore, a couple of questions::

- can anyone recommend a good source of info - a book or a particular 
site - google has got me a bit confused/overloaded
- I've been looking at the Murata BNX devices - 
http://www.mouser.com/catalog/specsheets/Murata%20BNX%20Series.pdf --if 
you look at the BNX002-01, you see a schematic diagram (similar is used 
on several other devices).
I am curious about i) having an inductor in the ground line and ii) how 
you may calculate suitable values for the caps & inductors (as I say, 
linkage to a book/site with info on these areas would be fantastic too).
Of course, these devices seem to be designed with some specific areas of 
importance (http://www.rapidonline.com/pdf/26-6010e.pdf mentions 
everything being aligned in the same direction) so perhaps it is best to 
use these parts 'off the shelf' rather than trying to DIY - but, still, 
I would love to understand better.

Cheers for any pointers,

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