[sdiy] cute hand held scopes on eBay

Steve Maietta srmaietta at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 18:17:08 CET 2012

Thise "sine" waves look bad yes, but that's at 500Khz..  So for RF, okay its not going to work.. But perhaps for synth use they do a "good enogh" job?  For tuning circuits, trimming waveshapes etc??

good S-DIY bench/pocket tool?


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> >> The DSO nano is fairly
> well-known and was talked about on here a few weeks
> >> ago. I have one; it's OK but a bit cheesy given
> it's single-channel.
> I think the linear interpolation between sample points would
> be my biggest
> gripe!  For example, this picture of a 500kHz
> sinewave:
> http://toolboom.com/content_image/content/5210/IMG_2417.JPG
> from the many photos at this page:
> http://toolboom.com/en/Articles/DSO-Nano-DSO201-Pocket-Sized-Digital-Oscilloscope-Review.html
> I know this is a dirt-cheap low-end product, and i'm spoiled
> having a Agilent
> DSO on my desk here.  However, if someone would program
> proper sinc
> interpolation into this it would at least be able to display
> the sampled
> waveforms correctly up to its front-end's bandwidth limit.
> -Richie,
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