[sdiy] (OT)Electrify your brain with 9v

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Wed Feb 22 18:44:54 CET 2012

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> Subject: Re: [sdiy] (OT)Electrify your brain with 9v
> I researched this a bit as it is supposed to improve one's memory and mine's
> pretty sucky.
> First off, the human body model (brain model?) resistance is such that you
> need a higher voltage than 9V, but I suppose you could use a booster
> circuit.
> Only need 1.5-2mA.
> But just found this website:
> http://www.techzonics.com/unusual-fortean-paranormal.htm
> Kinda mind boggling....
> Barry 
Wow! I'd love to spend $6985 on something built with a Radio Shack breadboard and hot glue. I hope everyone is paying attention here, because this is clearly the way forward. VHS case "project boxes" with built-in tinfoil hats! Mica TO-3 insulators as jewelry! This guy has all the best ideas. Throw in some HTML blink and marquee tags and he'd really show those reptilian NWO bastards who's boss! 		 	   		  

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