[sdiy] Using D-Sub connectors as patching elements

Harry Bissell harrybissell at wowway.com
Tue Feb 21 15:31:32 CET 2012

LOL (in a really really large font !!!)

and how reliable are the solderless breadboards ?   :^)

H^) harry

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> How robust are, for example 9-pin D-Sub connectors for 
> repeated connections, compared to say a 3.5mm mini-jack, or a 
> 1/4" jack in a patching environment?
> I've used 9-pin D-sub patchfields back in the day, for RS232 
> control of VTRs and other similar usage, but the typical 
> amount of re-patching in that application is probably very 
> minimal compared to modular synth usage, where connections 
> are made and re-made an order of magnitude more times.
> Does anyone have any experience of heavy D-sub patching use 
> to share, or alternatively any suggestions for a practical 
> 8-way connector system for patchbay-style free patching?

I don't know about that, but have you looked at the Anyware Tinysizer synth?
It basically uses solderless breadboard-type patchbays.  I think it works
pretty well.

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