[sdiy] Cheap microscope for SMD

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Tue Feb 7 17:09:50 CET 2012

Just found this place down the street from where I work. www.amscope.com . 
Picked up a stereo, dual-lamp version that does 10x & 30x.  find 10x in 
stereo just about perfect.  I'm done with loupes!


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> I've always found those headband type magnifiers
> easier than the big desk mounted magnifying lenses
> (which tend to give me nausea as I peer into them).
> http://ucanhealth.com/compare.php?item1=580-3&item2=1200
> not the exact ones - mine are cheaper hobbyist types.
> Cheapest of all is a stacked pair of +3 generic reading spectacles
> from the dollar shop..
> paul perry Melbourne Australia
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