[sdiy] Low-Key transpose on a MIDI2CV interface..

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Mon Feb 6 00:10:16 CET 2012

On 5 Feb 2012, at 22:18, Andre Majorel wrote:

> On 2012-02-05 15:25 -0500, Jean-Pierre Desrochers wrote:
>> PAIA midi2cv8 user's guide stipulates the following:
>> Most 61 keys digital keyboards assign the midi note number #36
>> to their lowest 'C' key..
>> So that means 3 octaves higher than the lowest MIDI note number #0.
>> That would give 3.00vdc on the CV output for the first left C
>> note (number#36).. PAIA has a way to drop to 0.00vdc the first
>> C note of MIDI keyboards..
>> Did anybody acknowledge the MIDI note#36 for the first C key
>> of most 61 keys digital keyboards ? 
> Without transposition, i.e. on the 8' stop, the middle A of a
> keyboard is supposed to play at 440 Hz. So it must be MIDI note
> 69. If it's a five-octave keyboard, the low C must be therefore
> be MIDI note 36.

I agree. I've aways used Concert A 440Hz = MIDI note 69 too.

(Usual disclaimers apply: The value of the opinions of a lunatic on the internet may go down as well as up, etc.)


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