[sdiy] unstable Korg MS 50 vco

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I recently bought a Korg MS 50 but I noticed that the VCO is very unstable
for the first 10 minutes after I turn it on. It's not just detuning but it
really jumps from high to low notes and vice versa.

This is the case with both the HZ/V and OCT/V inputs. After 10 minutes,
there is no problem anymore.

I've checked the schematics. Could it be the 2SC1583 that is causing this?



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Since your problem goes away after warm-up, I'd suspect a "thermal" related
problem.  Something could be warming up, expanding, and making better

So the first thing to look for is cracked/cold solder joints near the VCO,
loose wiring harnesses, etc.  It could also be a hairline crack in one of
the circuit board traces

Sometimes I'll just re-touch all of the solder joints on the board in that
region with a tiny dab of new solder, making sure the old solder melts and

Dave Magnuson

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