[sdiy] Christmas Projects

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Fri Dec 28 09:00:07 CET 2012


My christmas projects list is as long as every year (some projects are already on the list for years) and I will be happy 
if at least one project will be finished:

- Jürgen Haibles Moog Resonant Filter
- Tony Allgood/Oakley Systems VCF-1 Filter (while hearing Tony's nice Taklan Makan music...)
- PAIA Fatman
- Simplesizer

At the moment I am already working on the development on an Arduino 2009 based MIDI to DMX converter.
I am designing an universal shield that has MIDI In/Out, DMX-Out, 2 Encoders, 16x2 LCD and 3 potentiometer inputs.
The first stage is building a handwired prototype and write the MIDI to DMX code dor it so that I can control the
DMX-PARs via my MIDI sequencer.

Beside that I have to build and send my Roland sampler Tool interfaces (http://rc100-usb.at.tt ) and 
Datadials (http://go.to/datadial ) to my customers.


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