[sdiy] Choosing FETS

Jay Schwichtenberg jays at aracnet.com
Fri Dec 28 04:35:57 CET 2012

Switches or amplifiers. What you going to use them for?

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with J201's Bf245's and even MPF102's all hitting end of life or obsolete, I
am now completely confused
about what FET to use instead in future designs.

In OLD designs, I can often find (for a price) remaining stocks, but in new
designs I need a good, versatile FET that can be used for
various applications (vcos, sample and holds, switches, etc)

Does anyone have any recommendations on specific part numbers that ARE NOT
being axed?

Are FETS vanishing altogether or is it just coincidence that the FETS that
are disappearing are the ones many SDIY designs use?

thanks !

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