[sdiy] two VCOs on 1 PCB - problems

neil harper metadata at gmx.com
Thu Dec 27 22:04:21 CET 2012

hi everyone,
seasons greetings from canada

as my christmas project, i built two Thomas Henry VCO-1's on a single
protoboard. so far everything seems like it's working and sounds great,
but I am noticing a few "quirks".

- as the tuning of each oscillator gets very close, they seem to lock

- when the oscillators are tuned close, i believe i'm hearing one of the
oscillators reset (sounds like an occasional 'tick' maybe once every
second - goes away when i detune the other oscillator).

i only have experience doing circuit boards for small digital stuff, so
i know this is a bit over my head as a first synth project. :) i'd like
to make this on a proper PCB for myself, so does anybody have any tricks
i can do on the PCB layout to eliminate these problems? 

//neil harper

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