[sdiy] Christmas Projects - first results

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Thu Dec 27 21:02:29 CET 2012

On 27 Dec 2012, at 14:33, Scott Gravenhorst wrote:

> "Tim Daugard" <daugard at cox.net> wrote:
>> Taught almost 7 year old granddaughter to solder. I was in radio shack for a 
>> couple parts and she saw a Velman? LED Christmas tree kit. By the time we 
>> got to the LEDs, she was installing the parts, soldering them in and cliping 
>> the leads and not wanting ANY help grandpa..  After struggling to clip the 
>> leads (not enough hand strength yet) on the first 8 LEDs she decided I could 
>> help some. After she decided on whither to use the gold or the silver 9-Volt 
>> battery (and showing her how to match the circuit board + sign with the 
>> battery + sign) she put the battery in and it worked first time.
>> Still another week and a half of her vacation left.
>> Tim Daugard 
> Tim, that is a precious story.  I loved the part about deciding whether to use a silver or
> gold battery...  (c:
> -- ScottG (who has children and grandchildren)


And very cool that she's a she. It bugs me that electronics should be so male-dominated - there's no reason I can see why it needs to be so. Like programming, it's something which anyone with a brain can do - and that rules out members of both sexes equally in my view!


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