[sdiy] Trying to identify sound...

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I suspect some sort of homebrew thing, it just sounds that way to me.
Also, if you believe anything on wiki...
The above claims that:-
"the assistance of Phil Kaye, a sound effects virtuoso who worked with Elliott on the Tom and Jerry cartoons".

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Bonjour Andre

Am 26.12.2012 14:02, schrieb Andre Majorel:
> You're probably right. I had a cheap organ in the seventies that
> made similar sounds.
I doubt it is an organ. If you listen to the final sequence beginning 
with 6:08 (which includes the joy of viewing most of the video) then you 
will hear that the sound is played with a kind of portamento. I cannot 
tell, what it finally is, but I assume it is a monophonic instrument.

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