[sdiy] Choosing FETS

Tim Daugard daugard at cox.net
Wed Dec 26 21:09:29 CET 2012

>> with J201's Bf245's and even MPF102's all hitting end of life
>> or obsolete, I am now completely confused about what FET to
>> use instead in future designs.
>> Does anyone have any recommendations on specific part numbers
>> that ARE NOT being axed?
>> Are FETS vanishing altogether or is it just coincidence that
>> the FETS that are disappearing are the ones many SDIY designs use?

Mouser has 59 different through hole N channel JFETS with probabily about 
400,000 transistors (I didn't add them all - just a quick survey) in stock. 
I would think you could take the specs for a JFET such as the MPF102 and 
find an equivelent or better with 15 to 30 minutes research. Personally I 
think we have hit the best of times - transistors are sooo cheap that I find 
myself wondering if I should just build a distribution amplifier and 
multiple chanels of circuits instead of paying the price for switches and 

Tim Daugard

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