[sdiy] Christmas Projects

Colin Hinz music-lists at primus.ca
Sun Dec 23 02:00:15 CET 2012

On Sat, 15 Dec 2012, Jim Patchell wrote:

> Well, I am back working on doing the PC board layyout for the Cheezy Synth 
> Moduule.  I am putting an ATmega2561 on board, and I am going to try and make 
> the thing Arduino Compatable.
> Somewhere around here I have an Arduino with a 2560 on it, and from I have 
> gathered, the 2561 is the same, just lacks some pins.
> So, what are you guys doing for a Christmas Project?

Alas, nothing exciting. First, I'll attempt to tidy up the workshop a
bit. Then, tackle the teetering tower of "fix me!" stuff.

And once that's done (with luck, before Xmas 2013) I'll finally get
around to making the front and jack panels for my modified Sound Lab.

- Colin

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