[sdiy] Minimoog won't tune properly

Paul Anderson wackyvorlon at me.com
Fri Dec 21 04:54:11 CET 2012

What did the overhaul entail exactly?

Paul Anderson -- VE3HOP

On 2012-12-20, at 10:36 PM, James Coplin <james at ticalun.net> wrote:

> I just did a major overhaul on my Mini and now I have a weird problem.
> Everything works perfectly except I cannot tune the Mini to A440
> correctly.  I cannot get it to play A440 on the 16' setting, I have to go
> up to 8' to get a440.  Basically, it is an octave too low and no
> combination of the trim pots will allow me to bring it up to tune.  I have
> checked the supply voltages and everything there checks.  I also checked
> the supply voltages at the oscillator card and they also all check out.
> Any ideas?
> James R. Coplin
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