[sdiy] Christmas Projects

Scott Nordlund gsn10 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 17 21:01:55 CET 2012

Repair a Roland CR-8000
Restore a Pioneer RT-909
Modify a pair of Marantz PMD-221s for real time tape delay/flanging (the speed control is disabled in record mode)
Make some interesting recordings involving the above
Test and sell a Mitsubishi DA-A15 amplifier
Record an algorithmic composition in 31-TET with a revamped additive/wavetable synthesis engine in Pure Data
Get some research together so I can publish something
Get into grad school
Sell a Casio CZ-1 and other various detritus, build a new computer, finish some compositions and other projects that I've been neglecting for months-to-years
Stop acquiring junk electronics?

...are we going to revisit this a month from now to see how much of it actually got done? Because I have a feeling I'm going to be a little embarrassed...

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